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Rainbow moonstone cabochon 34*25 (Code: 12001)

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Stone (mineral): 100% pure natural rainbow moonstone.

   Mineral Origin: Sri Lanka. Manufacturing (grinding / cutting): India

   Color (iridescence): multicolor, blue base color, at the bottom of a very bright rainbow stripe as pictures of stone (These pictures of this particular natural semiprecious stone Unfortunately, the brightness of the rainbow bands radiance pictured stone does not pass..

   Transparency stone: almost transparent. The hardness of the stone: 6.0, density of rock (mineral): 2, 7.

   Polishing stone: cabochon. A cut design (polishing) stone: a drop (pear). Stone processing: hand-made.

  Stone dimension (mm) ≈ 34x25x8,5. Weight (ct) ≈ 57,4.

   Description manufacturer of natural semi-precious stone: 57,4 Cts 100% NATURAL sparkling RAINBOW DROP Moonstone cabochon.

   Note: if you want to buy a cabochon made of natural stone, it should be borne in mind that some stones can be absolutely perfect form, that does not spoil the appearance of semi-precious stone, but on the contrary, evidence of its natural origin and manual work during grinding and polishing the stone, which is carried out taking into account the individual characteristics of the mineral.

      1 ct (carat) = 0,2g 1g = 5ct      1inch = 2,54cm = 25, 4mm      1cm = 0,394inch

Type of stone (natural (mineral) or synthetic stone): Moonstone
Stone shape (cabochons, faceted stones or beads): drop
Stone size (Sizes cabochons, faceted stones or beads): M (21÷30 mm)

Price: 989,00 рубл.
Quantity in stock: 0
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